CSA Week 11

This post is even later than the last two CSA posts. Sorry about that…I’ve been at school for the past three days doing classroom prep, and finishing up my summer job at the bakery. Add to that a great visit with my mother-in-law this weekend and hosting a neighborhood party…I’m tired. And school starts tomorrow. Goodbye summer break! 😦

ANYWAY, this week’s post had a few usual staples for the season:


  • tomatoes, big and small
  • onions & garlic
  • potatoes
  • assorted peppers
  • cucumber
  • lettuce
  • carrots
  • conehead cabbage

I’ve never seen cone-shaped cabbage before, but I’m pretty certain that it tastes like normal, green cabbage that we’re used to. That will turn into a nice batch of stuffed cabbage this week.

I hope that you all are enjoying your Labor Day weekend; I know I have, with a trip to Traverse City and Sleeping Bear Dunes over the weekend. With the school year officially starting tomorrow, I’m looking forward to the routine of work, gym, and dinner once again. And hopefully, a few more cooking blog posts for your enjoyment! 🙂

Happy Labor Day!


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