Greetings, 2017!

Hello there! It’s a new year and a LOT has changed in my corner of the universe since I last wrote in May. Same job, same house, same(ish) CSA…but our family has expanded! Miss MJ joined our family on Thanksgiving Day this year.

eedless to say, I have been busy, and was a little busy most of last year growing a human. The first trimester was full of takeout. The second trimester was full of grilling and working in our *huge* vegetable garden – which we struggled with, but hey – live and learn, better luck next year. The third trimester was marching season – which as you can imagine, was hectic, painful, crazy, and slightly badass. And full of Chipotle.

But fear not! Mommy needs a creative outlet other than something musical…so, here I am. MJ is almost two months old and I return to work in 4 weeks :(. As the “new baby” meals have sadly gone away, I have started cooking again in the evenings while Hubs hangs out with MJ. We are trying hard to not get takeout as much (though it’s so easy with a newborn) and we are hoping to start making better strides to eat better…which, as you can imagine, is a challenge. But again – here I am. New year, and hopefully you’ll at least see me once a month?!

So, for those of you who have followed me in the past year during the drought – welcome! And for those of you who have followed me for some time, thanks for still reading. 🙂


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