• Any of the opinions of the recipes on these page are solely of the author, who is not paid nor compensated by any company to review recipes. This blog is purely for enjoyment and reflection.
  • Any of the brand names seen on this website are used solely because of availability. The author is NOT affiliated with any brand name of food product or grocery store. If you are interested in the author doing a product review, please contact the author at udjenn11@gmail.com. PLEASE – NO SPAM.
  • If you like a recipe and post it onto your blog, please make sure to link it back to a) this blog, or b) the original link  posted by the author. Please give credit where credit is due.
  • Any pictures used on this blog are taken by the author except where stated otherwise.
  • Comments are welcome, but the author reserves the right to delete or remove excerpts from any comments for any reason whatsoever, if for example they are abusive, profane, rude, or anonymous comments. The author will monitor all posts before they are publicly posted.

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