CSA, Week 2!

I had to work at the bakery, then drive straight to school to run a parade rehearsal, so Mike was in charge of picking up this week’s share. I was excited to come home in the evening to a box of produce on my counter, to sort through, bag up, and ponder. There were a few different things this week, but the majority is still green – not that I mind!

  • basil – approx. 2 cups
  • Russian kale – 1 head – big leaves, reddish (last week’s was curly kale)
  • radishes – 4 small, little ones – at least now I know what they look like so I know when to harvest them in my garden
  • head lettuce
  • swiss chard
  • kohlrabi – 1 bulb, purple
  • garlic scapes – yeah buddy!!!!!

I have decided to start keeping a list on my fridge of all the CSA produce we get, in an attempt to do our best to make sure we don’t waste any, which I admittedly have a habit of doing. I do have some good ideas, though, for a few of these vegetables, so that helps already!

My parents & younger brother will be coming in for a visit at the end of the week and will be staying for a few days, so my goal is to be able to use these ingredients while still entertaining them. I don’t think it will be too difficult 🙂


Week 2’s box

Question of the Day: Have you tried garlic scapes? What do you think of them?


2 thoughts on “CSA, Week 2!

  1. We did something new with our last, lonely scape tonight. We made guacamole for nachos and we diced up our scape and threw it in there. We were told last week would be the last of the scapes, so that’s all for this year 😦

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