Market Haul, June 25-28

It finally feels like summer! 🙂 Today it’s a high of 80 and plenty of sunshine to soak up. The best part is that I don’t have to work at the bakery this afternoon, so I can just soak it all in!

Here’s this week’s market haul:
– fresh strawberries from Guntzviller’s
young leeks from Wild Youth Farm
garlic scapes from Coveyou Farm – I honestly cannot get enough of these things!
whole wheat pasta from Two Acre Farm
baby squash, snow peas and red spring onions from Pond Hill Farm
1lb ground beef and smoked pork chops from Dick Gregory’s farm in Harbor Springs


Brass Quintet at the Market! Geeking out as only a band director can…

Happy Saturday 🙂 Recipes to come soon…


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