A Locavorian Summer

“Jenn, how many days of school do you have left?”

“One half.”

Finally…summer is just about here! All i have to do is finish exams on Monday and pack up my room. It was a long school year (and an extremely long winter, let’s be honest here) so I’m, well, ecstatic that it’s June.

Many teachers take summers off, but since I’m one of those people that a) likes to be busy, b) likes to be social, and c) likes to make some extra cash – I’m spending another summer at Breadworks. Seriously, our bread & pastries are amazing – and you can order it online…my neighbor (seriously…she lives two doors down from us) does a great job with packaging and shipping. In all honesty – I love the product and the people, and they’re flexible with me when family comes in town, when I have to do band director things or when I want to help out at the farmers market…

…yep. I’m going to be helping out at the Harbor Springs Farmers Market this summer – they received their equipment this spring for processing SNAP benefits so I am going to be lending a helping hand with that. I think it’s awesome that we’ll be able to process those funds, and that people who use SNAP will be able to purchase locally grown, healthy, and (mostly) organic food from the Farmer’s Market.

Speaking of organic food, our CSA Farm, Coveyou Scenic Farm, recently became a USDA Certified Organic Farm. How cool is that? First pick up is on June 24th and I am counting down the days  – literally, look at the app on my phone. I bought a book to go along with my CSA this year so that we have as little waste as possible and really make use of the vegetables we receive this summer. So far I really have loved what I’ve found in there and again, I can’t wait!

If you’ve made it this far through my major brain dump, rest assured that I think that’s about it for today. 😉 A new menu plan for the week is in the works, so stay tuned as we really dive into summer vacation!


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