Happy Easter, 2014!

Happy Easter!

Since we have work tomorrow, we’re staying home for Easter. However, we are by no means spending it alone!

We’ve lived here long enough now that we have our own ‘family’ up here – wonderful friends & neighbors – who are going to be coming over today for dinner…and probably board games. This is the first year we’ve had anyone other than just the two of us at our home for a holiday meal, and we are so excited!!!!! Plus, we have a new dining room table that seats 6+ people…so what better way to enjoy it?

Here’s what’s for Easter dinner today over at our house:

  • hot cross buns** (I’ve never had them before!)
  • salad**
  • glazed ham
  • garlic mashed potatoes**
  • green bean casserole**
  • corn casserole (Mike’s favorite)
  • pasta & sauce (a tradition from my family Easters)
  • beet horseradish for the ham (a tradition from my mother-in-law’s Easters)
  • Cake**

** – Our friends are bringing them over…one less thing to cook 😉

I hope that you enjoy your Sunday today, be it Easter Sunday or just another Sunday. Enjoy!


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