Meal Plan 4/13-4/19

Where did this week go? Where is 2014 going? I can’t believe we’re almost midway through April! Almost all of the large snow piles are gone, the tulips and hyacinths are trying to come up, and we had birds chirping at 6am this morning. I’m doing my best to believe it’s spring, despite the weather forecast calling heavy rain tonight, switching over to snow at some point in the morning, 3-5″ when all is said and done. Huh? How does that even compute? We’ll see what Mother Nature brings our way…

…in the meantime, he’re the game plan for dinners in our house this week.

Meal Plan for April 13-19, 2014

SUNDAY – Spaghetti & meatballs 🙂

MONDAY – Habanero patties with quinoa pilaf and corn

TUESDAY – Beef stew

WEDNESDAY – Baked chicken with couscous and lemon-garlic broccoli

THURSDAY – I have yoga, so we’re having baked potatoes with any fixins we have laying around (I’m eyeing that can of Skyline Chili in the pantry)

FRIDAY – It’s Good Friday so we probably shouldn’t eat meat. I’m eyeing pasta with asparagus & peas.

SATURDAY – No idea.

I DO have some recipe posts on the way – honest! I’m a little backed up – so bear with me.

Have a wonderful Sunday! 🙂


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