CSA Week 15

It’s safe to say that we are definitely into autumn now. The leaves up here are starting to really change color (though we’re nowhere near peak yet) and it’s been raining since just before my band marched onto the field for halftime on Friday night.

When reading a few of the blogs I follow, one author noted that they only have about 2-3 more weeks to go until the end of the CSA. I quickly checked my calendar…we have 3 more weeks to go, the last pick-up day being October 22. Wow…the season sure flew by fast! Thankfully though we are nowhere near temperatures for s-n-o-w and I am really feeling for those who live out west who have 48 inches of that awful stuff already!

My goal this week is to do more legitimate cooking, instead of preserving and ordering take-out. You’d think a month into school I’d be into some sort of routine, but I’m still not. ::sigh:: We at least got another nice, colorful haul from the farm this week!

Week 15

Week 15

  • more bell peppers
  • white onion
  • a winter squash!
  • jalapenos
  • sweet peppers
  • eggplant (we’ve had a lot of eggplant this year…)
  • lettuce
  • a nice variety of tomatoes
  • beet greens (hmmm….)

I’m actually kind of glad to see some lettuce again, and that the tomato supply is still in some abundance. Lots of salads this week for lunches! My tomato plants I believe will be officially ‘done’ this week – I have a pan of cherry tomatoes roasting in the oven as I type, and I just finished yet another quart of tomato sauce.

Any recommendations out there for usage of beet greens?


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