CSA 2013 – Week 11

I have a lot of work to do.

I have a lot of work to do.

This week was the first week of school – thus I haven’t had much time to do any canning, pickling, etc. because I’ve been absolutely zonked once I get home. I need to make it a rule never to sit on my couch until I’m done with any housework or cooking for the night, because I swear that thing absorbs any remnant energy left in our bodies.

So as you can see…we’ve had a huge tomato harvest from the garden & I’ll need to go up there tomorrow (Saturday) to get another haul of tomatoes. I’ll be up bright and early to start making a batch of tomato sauce. Making it on your own and freezing it really isn’t bad at all; it just takes a while. I may end up purchasing a food mill Saturday to help out with this process – a strainer & spoon isn’t going to cut it this time around. I’ll have to weigh out all those tomatoes and let you know how many pounds it is – and get a picture of the heirlooms, too (they’re hidden in this picture).

Meanwhile, we had a nice little haul this week from the farm. A nice variety, but nothing too overwhelming.

Week of Sept 3, 2013

Week of Sept 3, 2013

  • orange & yellow sweet peppers (they’re so good!)
  • jalapeno (I think)
  • cucumber
  • basil
  • onion
  • purple pepper
  • banana peppers
  • more tomatoes!
  • eggplant
  • red potatoes
  • zucchini & yellow squash

One item I’m surprised isn’t in there is garlic! I had so much garlic last year and it lasted me until this past May. I think I may have to stock up a bit before the summer is over.

So far of this haul, I’ve frozen the eggplant, and thrown some banana peppers into leftover pickle brine (to see what they’d do). I’ve also started getting into the basil and taking caprese salad into work for lunch.

My first football game of the season is tonight – let’s just hope that the 30% chance of rain doesn’t come true! Do an anti-rain dance for me, if you can 😉


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