CSA 2013 – Week 5

With it being late July and that heatwave we had last week, there was a shift in the vegetables we received and we’re starting to get into what I like to call ‘the good stuff’. Our weekly email from our CSA farm even talked about how this week’s weather really played a role in what we received in our shares. A week ago it was in the 90’s. Yesterday, I’m not sure we even hit 70*. It feels more like September outside than July – which, as a teacher, makes me cringe just a wee bit (now don’t get me wrong here – Autumn is my favorite season, and I absolutely love teaching & what I do for a living. So, hush! :-P).

As much as I’ve enjoyed receiving lots of lettuces and greens, the new varieties of veggies we’ve been receiving is a nice, welcomed change:


  • lacinato kale (‘top off’)
  • garlic!
  • broccoli
  • an enormous head of chinese cabbage
  • tomatoes
  • red butter lettuce
  • cucumber
  • romaine lettuce (‘top off’)
  • cilantro
  • peas

I’ve already got the chinese cabbage blanched & frozen in my fridge, as it will be great for soup and eggrolls this fall. When it comes to preserving/freezing, I’m starting to slowly get the hang of things. I find myself staying up late on CSA day, getting at least one vegetable frozen/canned/chopped in some way. I know it will save me time & freshness in the long run.

I also have an experiment going – hanging herbs to dry in my basement stairwell. I’m hoping that it is cool enough and dry enough to get my cilantro & thyme to dry, rather than mold. We shall see!

Here’s a question for you: What to do with those peas?!


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