CSA 2013 – Week 3

First off – I apologize if any of you had tried to click on my link from Facebook or Twitter and got a failure message. I forgot to click Publish. I mean, duh. So, sorry about that!

As you saw in last week’s CSA post, we have been swimming, so to speak, in leafy greens. A fellow blogger noted that I was “the queen of greens”. Which I think has a nice ring to it :-D! Nevertheless I had one heck of a time trying to figure out different and creative ways to use up the produce.

  • The basil & garlic scapes were used to make some delicious garlic scape pesto (which I had written about this time last year)
  • bok choy went into a huge stir-fry
  • the beets & kohlrabi have been pickled – recipes to follow if they turn out just right!
  • sauteed kale made a great lunch for me
  • salads, salads, salads

Thankfully, this week’s harvest gave us a bit more variety, crunch, and er, shapes, to work with? 🙂 We received it on Tuesday, and believe it or not – a good portion of this box has been put to good use already!


  • Two heads of kale (one was a ‘top off’ choice)
  • bok choy – used in stir-fry
  • fennel – used in the pickled beets
  • 3 cucumbers – included what I call “cucumber salad”
  • sage
  • thyme
  • romaine –  used in a Greek salad
  • swiss chard – blanched & frozen for fall soups
  • spring mix lettuce
  • beets (top off choice) – pickled

I am finally starting to get the hang of planning our meals around produce. So far, it has created less waste and has been more friendly on my grocery budget. I just hope that this is a plan that I can stick to!

**Shared at Inherchuck’s CSA Round-Up!**


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