CSA Week 8

Hooray for another week of our CSA!

  • yellow squash
  • onions
  • tomatoes
  • garlic
  • red potatoes
  • green, purple, & jalapeno peppers
  • red lettuce
  • cilantro
  • cucumbers
  • zinnias

I love, love, LOVE flowers. For our anniversary last week, my husband gave me a ginormous bouquet of flowers (it’s also the theme for the 4th anniversary gift, so how appropriate). Thus I have some fresh-cut flowers scattered all over my house, and the zinnias were a perfect addition.

I’m off of work today, stuck at home since my car is in the shop getting some much-needed repairs done. I hate waiting for car repairs to finish. You know you’re going to have to shell out some cash for the repair, and they almost always find something else wrong with the vehicle and try to persuade you to fix it right away. Just leave me alone, and fix my car as quickly and cost-friendly as possible please! ::end rant:: So ANYWAYS, I’m home today, and will probably spend some time in my kitchen, and of course cleaning around my house. I have all the ingredients necessary for homemade salsa…a feat I haven’t tried since college 5 years ago (which, for the record, was a fail.)

Enjoy your Thursday! One mo’ day til Friday!


3 thoughts on “CSA Week 8

  1. I’m jealous of the cucumbers. My CSA hasn’t had them yet. Can’t wait to see what’s there this afternoon.

    I empathize with the car problems. Why do mechanics always find something else wrong? My car has a sensor that will tell me when to change the oil but the mechanic at the dealership said not to pay attention to that because it will be too long in between oil changes. Why the heck do they even put the sensor in there? Okay, there’s my rant. Have a nice day.

    • Literally 10 minutes after I posted, the car place called. UPS lost one of the parts they needed, so car repair has been pushed back to next Thursday (they wanted to fix it tomorrow, but, um, I need a car for work!)

      I’m surprised you haven’t had cucumbers yet? I’ve been secretly thankful for them, as well as my zucchini. Squash bugs destroyed my zucchini plants, and it looks as though they are headed for my cucumber plants too!

      Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful rest of your Thursday 🙂

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