Easy Caprese Panini

I’ve decided that I’m officially obsessed with the garlic scape pesto I made. We’ve eaten it  (together and on our own) atop of fresh bread, tortellini, and in sandwiches. It’s so fresh-tasting, less garlicky than typical pesto, and, well, is just awesome.

Another flavor combination that really screams summer to me is the ‘caprese’ salad, a basic combination of tomatoes, basil, and fresh mozzarella. I had the tomatoes laying around, as well as the mozzarella; both were probably going to go bad in the coming days, and needed to used up. I figured, why not use them with the pesto?

Easy Caprese Panini – The Spicy Simmer

  • 4 slices good bread (I used pepper parmesan & rosemary olive breads from work, lucky me!)
  • 1 roma tomato, sliced
  • several slices of fresh mozzarella
  • 4 tbsp garlic scape pesto
  • balsamic vinegar, for dipping
  1. Spread 1 tbsp pesto on a slice of bread. Add tomatoes, then mozzarella. 
  2. Spread 1 tbsp onto the piece of bread that completes the sandwich. Form sandwich 😉
  3. On a heated panini press or grill pan, sprayed with cooking spray, grill the sandwich until the mozzarella melts.
  4. Makes two sandwiches.

The panini, atop rosemary-olive bread. Divine.

This was a really easy lunch to prepare, and was also very quick, which was helpful since my husband needed to head off to work in the afternoon. I simply made the panini, cut it in half, and sent him on his way. He’s not much of a fresh tomato fan, but agreed that the panini was pretty good. Definitely one to make again, once I make my next batch of pesto 🙂
Today is another blessed day off from the bakery, and instead of writing drill for marching band, I’m going to play around in my kitchen some more. I’m going to try dabbling in the art of refrigerator canning…look out!
Question of the Day: Are you a fan of pickles, let alone pickled vegetables?

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